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5 Ways to Spend Less Time Grading

time savers Aug 26, 2021

Picture it.  You get home on a Friday afternoon from a long week teaching away in the classroom.  You’re met at the door by your puppy/kitty/kids/significant other/roommate/friend telling you all about the fun weekend ahead of you.  You have a ton of plans to help you disconnect from school, to relax, and to have some great “me time”.  You get started with dinner out and then a cozy movie at home.  Saturday is full of adventure, and you have a fun night out with family and/or friends.  Sunday, you have a lazy morning, you do what you need to do to recharge, you plan your meals for the week, you get some cleaning done, take a bubble bath, then head to bed early, fully ready to tackle next week in the classroom.

Sounds wonderful, right?  Truly though, how often does that EVER happen for a teacher?? Like, never.  That’s why we have to “picture it”...we don’t know what it looks like! *Cue cry laugh* Many...

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5 Ways to Spend Less Time Lesson Planning

time savers Aug 19, 2021

If I’m being honest with you, which I am, I’d have to tell you that teaching almost killed me.  Ok, so not literally, but most definitely figuratively.  Why did no one tell us the incredible amounts of time we would spend planning our lessons?  For me, I was so overwhelmed and stressed that if I did not find a way to spend less time lesson planning, I wasn’t going to be able to continue in the profession.

In my mind, giving up on my career wasn’t an option, so I spent one summer researching and preparing for ways to save time as a teacher.  I knew that lesson planning and grading were the areas in which I needed to make major adjustments to protect my sanity.  

Here are the 5 Ways to Spend Less Time Lesson Planning:

1. Spend time at the beginning of the school year getting organized.

I spent a lot of time on the couch during the summer planning out how I would introduce, practice, and master all the standards.  Then, when it...

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