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Something Had to Give!

passion project Jun 19, 2020

Hey there!

While this health pandemic forced us all to slow down a little bit from our normal pace of life, we teachers STILL spend hours and hours a week planning exciting, engaging, and educational plans for our students.  It is just what we do!  

Typically, we wake up at 5 am to make sure our families are cared for, so we can get to school to make sure our students are cared for the same...yup!  Work from 7 am- 5 pm every day with one bathroom break and 20 minutes to eat lunch while making!  Put in 50 hours a week in the school building teaching students, sponsoring clubs, attending meetings, and parent-conferencing then taking home plans to complete before bed and papers to grade on Saturday, ultimately putting in 60 hours a week only to start all over again the next Monday...sounds familiar!

You guys, I was running myself ragged and was very near the edge of burning out.  Can you relate?  For a while, I supplemented what I was...

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