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Do Teachers Really Get The Summer Off?

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2021

Does this question not absolutely drive you up the dang wall??  It always comes from a well-meaning lad who has absolutely no idea what it takes to be a teacher.  No. Clue. 

Or, it sometimes it truly comes from a jerk who is just expressing jealousy about having to report to a 9-5 when they'd rather be at home.  Either way, we always reply simply with a list of the things a teacher must do throughout the summer to ensure a seamless start to the school year.  

The problem with this thinking though, is teachers truly need a break!  We NEED to have some time off in the summer because we go nonstop for 10 months straight...the summer is our time to rejuvenate...the sun is our power source!  So, I know it is not engrained in us to be able to take the whole summer off, but our mindset needs to focus on taking a breather from school so that we can be recharged and ready to rock a new school year in August.

So, here are five trips to truly take a break to recharge this summer:

#1-Get rid of the school email!

OK, so you can't TRULY get rid of it, but you can take it off your phone and put on a vacation message, then step away!  You could say something like, Hi!  Thank you for reaching out!  I am out of the classroom until insert date on summer break.  If you have an immediate need, please feel free to message insert name and email address. I hope you are enjoying your break and recharging for August.  I know I am!  I will get back to you when I return! Then don't worry about it again until the date you set!

#2-Read a good book!  

I'm not talking about a middle school or PD novel you've been meaning to read.  I mean, a real adult entertainment novel.  Choose one that you can mindlessly read without thinking about all the ways you could incorporate it in your classroom.  Even if it is only 1, just do it for yourself!  Check out this affiliate link to the book I am reading this summer:

#3-Binge Watch a Show!

For the month of June, just block out two hours a day (at least) and binge watch something; again, something that doesn't take too much thought.  My personal favorites that are totally binge worthy: All American on Netflix, The Good Doctor on Hulu, and Caribbean Life on HGTV. 

#4-Take a Trip!

If you have a vacation planned, go and enjoy it!  Don't think about anything other than your friends/family that you're with.  If you don't have a trip planned yet, get something going!  Maybe plan a long weekend to a close attraction.  Or, find some really neat things to do in your community.  Look for unique attractions like historical tours, food and drink tours, mural tours, boat rentals or a baseball stadium.  There has got to be a cool experience close to home!

#5-Set a Date for Your Rest!

Whatever makes you happy and gives you rest, do it!  Have you been wanting to plant a garden or get a plant?  Do it!  Need a long hot bath with a glass of wine?  Go for it!  Want to binge watch a show, go on a trip, read a book, and ignore your work email? OMG, do it!  Set a date that you will get back to planning for the next school year and be sure to stick to that timeline to give yourself enough time to rest!

You made it through the COVID school year.  You DESERVE this!


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