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Digital Organization

digital organizaiton Jun 23, 2020

I think one of the best parts of being a teacher is that we have free reign to indulge in all things organization, all in the name or productivity for the classroom! Seriously, I LIVE for my beautiful, completely customized PaperPlum yearly planner, the color-coordinating pens and stickers, and my Target binders with matching organizational tabs...oh my gosh, I love it! (Guys...bear with me here...I promise there’s value for you in this blog too!)  An all-too-real reality hit us this past Spring though, when no amount of beautifully organized binders could help us if we weren’t allowed back in our school due to health pandemic scares.  It kinda kicked me in the rear, if I’m being honest.  “What do you MEAN, I can’t go back into the school for my things!?!”

Please tell me I’m not alone!  I didn’t think so…

We all had to adapt quickly to this new way of teaching, and for the foreseeable future, the e-learning world isn’t going away.  It became very clear to me very quickly, that all my beautiful binders weren’t withstanding the test of functionality outside of the classroom.  While taking one or two binders back and forth for a short duration of time is certainly feasible, with these uncertain times, I’d have to take them ALL home with me daily to ensure I had everything I need (for who knows how long) to keep my students on the right track.

What I found was a whole world of online organization that I never knew existed...que excited virtual high-five to all other organization lovers out there!  Let me tell you what I’ve done to “distance-learning proof” my classroom and curriculum organization so that my students and I never have to miss a beat again.

E-Learning Organization 

  1. I integrated all of my assignments into 3 broad organizational tools:
    1. Year-at-a-Glance
    2. Individual Unit Organizers
    3. Skill Organizers

For each of these tools, I can quickly and easily find what I need.  When am I supposed to start the next unit?  Check the Year-at-a-Glance organizer.  What skills am I supposed to prepare for next week’s discussion on our class novel?  Check the Individual Unit Organizer for that unit.  I have a student who is struggling with a certain skill and he needs further help.  Check the Skill Organizer.

  1. Next, I linked these three organizers together using links offered through Google tools so that I could access what I needed at the touch of a word.
  2. Finally, I linked individual assignments to where I mentioned them in my Individual Unit Organizers and my Skill Organizers using the same Google tools.

Now, I have all of my organizers connected with the assignments, skills, and assessments at a simple touch, and I can access these from home or at school!

What are the greatest benefits?

-Besides being able to access these files from anywhere, you can also save much time during your school day because you can access everything you need at the touch of a word.

-You are able to see where your curriculum is lacking and can address that before you even start the school year.

-You can better meet the needs of your struggling and advanced students because you have the plan lying before you to be able to intervene when they need help or to challenge them when they’re ready to move forward. 

What do I do to get E-learning Organized?

Click on the links below to see how the organizers are connected first-hand, then visit the video so I can walk you through exactly how to do this yourself!

When you’re ready, download the free organizers I created for you to customize yourself.  You will find:

  1. Year-at-a-Glance divided into trimesters or 9-week grading periods.
    1. Start with filling in the Year-at-a-Glance with a broad overview of your year.
  2. Individual Unit Organizers
    1. Then, complete the individual unit organizers and link them back to the Year-at-a-Glance.
  3. Skill Organizers split up for all common core for grades 6-8
    1. Finally, complete the skill organizers with what will be taught in each unit, then fill in where you might be lacking in curriculum.

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