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4 Ways to Provide Continual Student Critique and Feedback

project based learning Jul 29, 2021

Ok.  By now, you might be thinking, “Yeah, this all seems great, but how IN THE WORLD do I manage all of this??”  I get it.  It can be overwhelming to think about how to implement authentic projects that showcase student voice, choice, and research all while assessing standards and skills. Shew! Am I right?

Well, the last key to project based learning in a middle school language arts classroom is continued feedback and critique of student ideas which helps to solve this problem!  

The successful implementation of this key will help you to manage project based learning by:

  1. Allowing you to direct students in their research throughout the unit,
  2. Ensuring that students are on the right track throughout,
  3. Encouraging but also redirecting student ideas, and (possibly most importantly)
  4. Allowing you to develop a good idea of how students are doing for assessment (AND EASE OF GRADING!)

So, how do you incorporate continual feedback and critique of student ideas in a unit:

  1. Meet with small groups during silent reading every week or every-other week,
  2. Set up centers and meet with small groups, 
  3. Allow for research and project work time and meet with students during this time and/or
  4. Ask students to complete self-assessments and provide feedback in their own words for you to review.

This is an easy one to incorporate! You are already incorporating student choice projects in your first unit of the year. All you have to do is schedule 3-4 of these strategies and you’ll be set!

What else can you do to implement project-based learning in your classroom?  Let me help.

  1. Download this guide for more information on each of the project-based learning principles. 
  2. Finally, come back for the rest of this blog series where I will share with you a more in-depth look at how to implement each of these keys.
    1. Introduction
    2. Key 1
    3. Key 2 and 4
    4. Key 3



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