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Hi there!

My name is Ellen, and I am a 15-year teaching veteran with a Bachelors in Middle Grades Education-Language Arts and Social Studies emphasis, and a Masters in Reading and Writing, K-12.  So, pretty much, reading and writing has been my life for a looong time now! :)

I am a momma of two softball and basketball loving, VERY loud, sweet dancing queens...aka, my two girls.  We love to live life with full hearts, open hands, and always ready for an impromptu adventure...especially if it involves ice cream. 

Teaching with Purpose exists for three reasons:

  1. I am so busy toting children from one practice to another, from one game to the next, from one sleepover to the next singing lesson...THE LIST GOES ON...I needed to take the time to create a system of lesson planning that put my classroom on auto-pilot; a plan that I could begin in August and count on every single day for quality lessons until May.  I have accomplished this and eliminated so much stress in my professional life, I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner!

Oh wait...yes I do!

2. I thought originally that the solution was to BUY all my lesson plans from various sellers, but I found this to be quite ineffective.  Not only did my lessons feel discombobulated and disjointed, but many times, I’d choose lessons that seemed to have great reviews, only to discover plans that did not meet my expectations of quality.  I decided after a few years of this, it was time to bite the bullet and make my own full and complete units that were well-organized (not pieced together by random sellers) and created to the quality I felt my students deserved.


3.  Finally, I felt very strongly that my students weren’t making connections to their reading that made them want to be life-long readers.  I wanted to create units that empowered students to care about the world around them all while learning the literary skills they needed to succeed in school.  Instead of giving my students options to create games, cereal boxes, and movie posters, my students create projects that encourage them to make a connection with what we have read and to make a difference in their world!

Seriously, I could go on...I want to share with you ALL THE THINGS!

Take some time and browse my website and grab some of the free resources (really...I love sharing!) and check out some of the blogs.

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